Ratamo libraries share some of the materials. Some services are available only in certain libraries. You may use the online services provided by your library and the services available in the library building.

Use anywhere:


Ellibs e-books 

Ellibs is the shared e-book and e-audiobook collection of Ratamo libraries, which contains both fiction and non-fiction material. You can use Ellibs on your computer or mobile device. The service is available via a browser or an application for mobile devices. E-books can also be downloaded on your device for instance when travelling, in which case you will not need an internet connection to read them. Books will be automatically returned when the loan period has expired. You may also reserve materials. You need to login to Ellibs with your library card number and your PIN code. E-books can also be searched with the Ratamo web library search. .



Kirjastokino is a service where you can watch films and also some documents and concerts. There is content to both adults and children and age restictions are followed based on the user's age. Several users can watch any film at the same time. You can sign in to the service with your library card number and your PIN-code.


PressReader journals

There are over 7 000 newspapers and magazines from one hundred countries in 60 languages in the selection. Publications are e-replicas of the original ones and are available for 60 days from the release date onwards. You can use the service with the computers and wireless net in our libraries or by signing in. When signing in click the human figure on the up right, then the button "Library or Group" and search "Ratamo Libraries" from the list. Sign in with your library card number and your PIN-code. For mobile devices there is also a PressReader app available. 


Naxos music

Naxos music services are available to all Ratamo customers. Naxos is a real treasury of music. The vast selection is well worth getting to know. 

Naxos Music Library includes music equivalent to nearly 140 000 CDs. Most of the collection is classical, but it also includes for example blues and world music. With the service you can among other things take a tour into the 20th century classical music or listen to British dialects. Login with your library card number. 

Naxos Music Library Jazz covers a collection of thousands of records of e.g. jazz, blues and world music. Login with your library card number.

Please remember to log out after finishing listening to music. 

Additional information


Rockway music lessons

With Rockway service you can for instance study the basics of playing the bass or the ukulele. The loan period of a single lesson is two weeks. You log into the service with your library card number. You also need to register into the service in order to loan courses. A word of warning: Rockway may use your contact information also for marketing. 


Use in the library:


eMagz magazines

You can read Finnish magazines on library computers or your own mobile device connected to the library Wi-Fi in Hyvinkää and Nurmijärvi libraries. The selection contains some of the most popular Finnish magazines as e-replicas. 

ePress newspapers

You can read e-replicas of Finnish newspapers in Hyvinkää, Nurmijärvi and Riihimäki libraries. The service is available for one customer at a time in each library on an ePress computer.  


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