Instructions for Using the Web Library




You can make reservations online in the web library, if you have a Ratamo library card and a PIN code.

Normal reservation

A normal reservation will be targeted at the material of the selected municipal library. Only the libraries that have the item in their collection are offered as possible pick-up locations. The reservation has to be picked up from the library that has been chosen as the pick-up location. You can also reserve material that is already available on shelf.

Normal reservations are free of charge. The fee for uncollected reservations however is 1 € / item. This does not apply to children and youngsters’ material.

Regional reservation

A regional reservation is targeted at the Ratamo library collections in which the item is included. You can also reserve material that is available on shelf. A regional reservation costs 2 € / item. The transfer to a selected pick-up location will normally take one or two weekdays.

How to make a reservation

You can reserve material online in the web library, when you are logged in.

1. Perform a search and from the search result proceed to the item data by clicking the title or availability text.

 2. Other editions and material types will be presented as icons in the item data. For instance shifting the mouse over the book icon will show different editions.

 3. The reservation will be targeted at the item, the item data of which is open, not other editions. Please be careful, when you select the edition or material type for your reservation. You can not reserve several versions of the same title at the same time.

 4. Click the Reserve button on the item data page.

 5. Select either a normal or a regional reservation.

 6. Select the municipality and the library from which you want to pick up the reservation.

 7. Click Save.

Pick-up notices

You can choose to receive your pick-up notices via email, text message or letter. Pick-up notices are free of charge. You can not reply to a pick-up notice. Please contact your library, if you have any questions.

You may change the way in which you receive the pick-up notices at the library customer service or online in the web library on My Pages / My Profile / Notification Method.

Picking up reservations

A pick-up notice will show location, due date and number for the pick-up. This information can also be checked from My Reservations online (Status: Available for collection). Some libraries have a self-service shelf, from which reservations can be collected by the pick-up number.

Editing reservations

You can edit your reservation in My Reservations, when there is an Edit button visible. If a pick-up notice has already been sent or the reservation is already in transit, editing is no longer possible.

You can change the pick-up branch or municipality of a normal reservation.

You may also edit the starting and finishing dates of the reservation. You can not edit reservations, that are available for collection or whose pick-up date has expired.

Regional reservations can not be edited in the web library.


You do not have to cancel your reservations for instance for a trip. If you are for example going on a longer trip and you are second in the reservation queue, you can edit the valid from date to start from the day of your return. In this way, you will not lose your place in the line and the person following you in the queue will get the reservation first, if it comes available during your holiday. Your reservation will automatically be reactivated on the set date.

Removing reservations

You can remove a reservation in My Reservations. You can see all your reservations on the page after you have logged in the web library.

You can remove a reservation by checking the box by the reserved item and clicking X (Remove) at the top of the list.

A reservation that is in transit or available for collection can not be removed.

Loans - renewal

You can browse and renew your loans in My Loans after logging into the web library.

You need to be logged in to be able to renew your loans. You will find your loans in My Loans (at the top of the page or under My Pages).

The loan status tells you, whether it is possible to renew the loan or not. You cannot renew a loan, if

  • there are reservations for the item
  • the maximum number of online renewals has been reached (5 renewals)
  • the user has lost his/her borrowing rights, e.g. his/her fees have reached 20€
  • the copy has been borrowed or renewed on the day in question

Renewing loans

You may renew loans one by one with the Renew button. The button is not visible if renewal is not possible.

If you wish to renew several loans at a time
1. Check the box by each title or if you want to select all loans on the page, check the box (Select all) at the top of the list. You can renew loans one page at a time.
2. After selecting the loans you wish to renew, click the Renew Selected Loans button at the top.
3. The selected loans will be renewed, and you will see the new due dates on the list.


Loans can be renewed five times, in case there are no reservations for the titles and the fees do not exceed 20€.

Printing loans

There is a Print Loans button at the top of the list. With this you can print your loans and due dates.

Saving loan history

You can save your loan history in the web library. The function must be enabled via My Pages – My Profile – Registered accounts at Ratamo.

Logging out

Log out of the web library when you finish using it. The Log out button is at the top on the right, in mobile behind the client icon. Please remember to delete your browsing history when working on a client computer.


The payment top in Ratamo libraries is 20 €. If the charges reach this amount, the client will lose his/her borrowing rights until the charges have been paid.  Invoiced materials also prohibit loans and renewals. When an invoice has expired, a collection company will take care of the invoiced material. All accumulated charges have to be paid at the latest in the beginning of the following year.

Borrowing library material is free of charge. Regional reservations, interlibrary loans and renewing a library card are chargeable however. You can pay your fees in all Ratamo libraries.

For more information, see Fees and Library Rules

Periodical search

Magazines published in 2018 and after can be searched by title and the word “emotietue”, e.g. Semana emotietue.

Magazines published in 2017 and before can be searched by title and year, e.g. writing down Anna 2017.

All lendable magazines can be reserved in the web library.

Due date reminders

You can order a reminder of the upcoming due dates, if you have en email address in your contact information. The client is always responsible for the loans, even in case he/she has not received a reminder. You can change the settings under My Pages / My Profile / Notification Method.

Email address

You can change your email address under My Profile. You can order a reminder of the upcoming due dates and pick-up notices for reserved materials into your email address.


Tags are keywords, with which clients can describe or classify items in the library collection. It is possible to search for items by tags as well. Tags are not official descriptors.

Logging in and navigation on mobile devices

With mobile devices, you log into the web library under an arrow icon at the top of the page. Clicking the icon will open a window, in which you can fill in your library card number and PIN code.

Navigation on mobile device:

= will show a navigation menu
î will return you at the top of the page
-> will let you log in (appears only when you are not logged in).
Å will get you on My Pages (loans, reservations etc.) This button appears only when you are logged in. You can also log out behind this button.

Saved searches

You can save your search results for further use by clicking Save Search on the search result page.

When saving the search, you can define a name and description, in order to remember what the search was for.

Using a saved search

You will find the searches you have saved from My Pages / My Saved Catalogue Searches. Click the search name on the list and the web library will repeat the search and show you the results.  You can remove previous saved searches or cancel the release alert.

Release alert

You can save a relase alert, which will notify you of a new title that matches your search query.

First create a query for your chosen topic and save the search result by clicking Save search. Select My Pages / Saved Catalogue Searches. Check the alert box of the search in question.

The release alert will notify you, when a title that matches your search query is added into the collection. You can select to be notified via email or a message in your web library inbox. In case you select email notification, the system will offer the address that has been stored in the web library by default.

Media list

You can save interesting titles on your Media list.

First create a query and perform a search. There is an + Add to media list button beside each title. Click it, and the title will be added to your list.  You will find your list in My Pages / Media list.

Logging in

You log into the web library with your library card number and your PIN on the top right-hand corner, under an arrow icon on mobile device.

My pages

On My Pages you will find information about yourself, e.g. your contact information, loans, reservations and fees.

Changing your PIN

You can change your PIN code in My Profile / Registered Accounts at Ratamo, in case you already have a valid PIN.

If you can not remember your PIN or you do not have one, you have to visit the library. You can also click Forgot PIN? and you will receive a link to your email, with which to change your PIN. PIN codes will not be given via telephone or email.

Catalogue search

You have three search functions in your use: quick search, extended and advanced search. The quick search box is at the top on each page. You can write down several keywords, for instance author, parts of the title and descriptors.

You can enter extended or advanced search via the link below the search box.

There are also some special searches available on the main page.

See also Search guidelines