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Omat sivut ohjeita

  • Under My Profile you can edit your address, phone number and email address that have been stored in the library system. Name data can only be edited at the library customer service. Under the heading Note you will find possible notes added to your data.
  • Under the heading Registered accounts at Ratamo you can change your pin code. You can also choose whether to save your loan history or not. If you uncheck the box, you will lose all the saved data even if you check the box again later.
  • Under Notification Method you are able to choose, whether you would like to receive pick-up notices via SMS message, email message or letter. You can also activate a due date alert to your email address. In case the set value is 0, reminders will not be sent. Overdue fines will be collected even in cases where the client has not received a reminder. You can choose to receive overdue reminders via email or mail.
  • Under My Details you can set or edit your display name on the web library pages. Your display name will only be visible to others in case you write reviews on titles.